Benq MX660 XGA Resolution Projector

BenQ MX660: XGA projector for bright presentations (3200 lumens). Easy control, smooth USB display & wireless option. Ideal for classrooms & meetings.

Dell 1210S – DLP projector – portable

Dell 1210s Projector: Value-packed projector for clear presentations. Bright visuals (2500 lumens), SVGA resolution. Easy setup, ideal for classrooms & meetings.

EPSON EMP 760 XGA Portable Projector

Epson EMP-760: Ultra-portable XGA projector (1024 x 768) for on-the-go presentations. 2,500 lumens ensure clear visuals. Lightweight design and long lamp life minimize maintenance.

EPSON Europe EB-1730W Projector

Bright 3,000 lumens output & 1280×800 resolution for crisp presentations. Compact & lightweight for easy travel. Ideal for business presentations or movie nights on the go (bulb replacement available).

EPSON SVGA Conference Room Projector EB-S8

Epson EB-S8: Basic SVGA projector (800 x 600) for conference rooms. 2,500 lumens deliver clear visuals in most lighting. Compact and affordable option for presentations.

EPSON XGA Conference Room Projector PowerLite 83+

Epson PowerLite 83+: Budget-friendly XGA projector (1024 x 768) for conference rooms. 2200 lumens ensure bright presentations. Built-in speaker and closed captioning for added convenience.

EPSON XGA Projector EB – XO6

Epson EB-X06: Affordable XGA projector (1024 x 768) for classrooms & meetings. 3,600 lumens ensure bright images even in lit rooms. Long lamp life reduces maintenance costs.

InFocus IN112 SVGA Portable Projector

InFocus IN112: Portable SVGA projector (800 x 600) for on-the-go presentations. 2700 lumens ensure clear visuals. Long lamp life (up to 6,000 hours) minimizes replacements.