Projector Screen 72 Inch Tripod Portable 6×6 Feet 1:1mw (Fine Quality)





Projector Screen Is 70″X70″ Or 180cm X 180cm Or 6ft X 6ft In Size At A 1:1 Widescreen Format. It Has A Strong Projector Stand. The Screen Is A High-Quality Multi-Layer of Matte White With A Black Backing To Avoid Light Penetration For A Clear Image.

Projector Screen Is An Affordable Solution For Professional Or Personal Projection Needs. This Easy To Use Screen Is Perfect For Home Theaters, Businesses, And Classrooms. This High-Quality Screen Offers Smooth Transitioning Into Desired Screen Height. It Is Universally Suitable For Most LED, LCD, Or DLP Projectors On The Market. The 1.1 Gain And Wide Viewing Angle Prevent Hot Spotting And Provide Outstanding Image Reproduction And Clarity From All Angles.